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Pole Parties in Studio

Life Of A Pole Trick (LOAPT) offers private parties for Bachelorette, Girl's Night Out, Divorce Parties, Spring Break and any other occasion at our studio or any venue! Let us make your special day memorable and fun!


Mobile Pole Parties (At Home/Venues) | FAQ | Find Out About Availability

"Yes Girl!" ("Mini" Party) $175-$300*
(3-6 guest max at Loop location only)

  • $175 non-refundable deposit
    (counts towards total cost of the party)
  • 50 minute instructed private class
  • 10 min. "Chatty Kathy" time. Great time for photos or videos.
  • Party surprise
  Types of Party Styles:
  • PoleSilks / FabPole Dance (3 guest) - $175
  • Pole Dance (4 guest)
  • Chair Dance (5 guest)
  • Partner Yoga (6 guest)
  • Have another idea? Ask us.

"It's My Party!" - $300*
(12 guest at sis location)

  • $150 non-refundable deposit
    (counts towards total cost of the party)
  • 60 minute instructed private class
  • After party surprise
  Types of Party Styles:
  • PoleSilks / FabPole Dance

Tarot Card Reading
(Loop location only)

Michael will use his enhanced intuition to give you insight on the questions you need answered. Each session will give you insight and empower the path that you are on.

  • Add 1 hour tarot card reading to any of your parties for additional cost.
  • Only want a tarot card party? No problem. A minium of 6 people.

Disclaimer: Tarot Reading is for Entertainment Purposes Only and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. Although Tarot Reading is used as a self-counselling tool for spiritual growth and personal development, it is ultimately viewed as a form of Entertainment. Tarot Reading is subject to interpretation and should not be taken as Absolute.
  • 15 min per person for $55*
  • 30 min per person for $75*
  • 15 min per person for $180* for Pole Group of 4


Pole Parties

  • How many guest can be in the class?
  • Can men attend the Pole Parties?
  • What is your payment and refund policy?
  • What time can we have our pole party?
  • Can I bring food?
  • Is there an age limit?
  • When should my guest arrive?
  • What should we wear?
  • Can we drink before or during class?
  • Is there anything my guest need to sign?
  • Do I need to tip the instrutor?
  • Is there a required deposit to book my party?
  • Will we share poles?
  • What are "mini" parties?
  • Is the cost cheaper if I select a different day then Saturday?
  • What if we get there a bit late?
  • What if one of my guest drops off?
  • What if I need to add one more person?
  • Can I use my deposit for another party?
  • I'm interested. What's the next steps?

Try our #MobileParties. If the date and time is not available at our loop location we do have a sister location at 2539 W North Ave- Chicago, IL 60647, please fill out the form below.

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