LOAPT Update 11/20/20... Due to the current state-wide closure of fitness studios, our Studio will be functioning online only.
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About Us

Life of a Pole Trick™ (LOAPT) is a Chicago pole, dance and aerial fitness studio in River North area. At Life of a Pole Trick™, we believe once you start to pole you will feel Sexy, Confident, and Empowered. Our mission is to provide you a personal aerial/dance coach experience. You invest in US.. We invest in YOU!

What makes Life of a Pole Trick™ so special? We offer our students a personal aerial, dance and pole coaching experience all the time. We know investing in fitness might be a big investment and that's why we make sure we provide you with a great experience as well as helping you achieve your fitness goals. Each of our classes feels like a one-on-one experience. We know how hard it is to learn something new and trying to learn it with so many other students around. That's why our classes will never be more then 4-8 people. With our classes you will get our full attention and you'll really get your money worth! We can go at your own pace!

How did Life Of A Pole Trick™ get it's name? We believe that you breathe life into your routine. Pole and Aerial fitness takes strength, dedication, confidenance and creativity. You sweat blood and tears trying to get it right. And once you do, the tricks gets a life and so you have .... The Life Of A Pole Trick™.

What makes you different? We are an innovative aerial studio with new equipment not being taught anywhere throughout the Chicago land. We pride ourselves on bringing new original fitness to help you with your journey. One of those innovations is "Silks with Pole". LOAPT is the 1st and "CERTIFIED" Chicago fitness studio to teach Silks with Pole together also known as PoleSilks or FabPole since 2014. This class combines Silks training with Pole training TOGETHER into a single trick or spin. It's a great workout for beginners to advance students. Not only are we the only ones teaching this class, but our LOAPT owner & instructor won 1st place in 2016 for FabPole in it's first debut.

LOAPT also offers online sessions and mobile pole classes. What are Online Sessions and Mobile Pole Classes? We understand that sometimes you feel more comfortable to try these tricks in your home on your own pole, that is why we come to you! Not many pole fitness studios offer this service. Learn more and sign up now with #MobilePole.

Check out all our combination of fitness classes like Pole Tricks, Pole Dancing, Hammock Yoga, Lyra and other forms of Dances.


Instructor yayo

Sonia aka Yayo is a certified Pole Dance, aerial and FabPole fitness instructor and has been pole dancing for 10+ years. She is the 1st person to teach FabPole, aka PoleSilks, in Chicago and has been teaching it since 2014. Sonia is a Elevated Certified Pole Fitness Instructor (ACE approved) and a FabPole Certified Instructor. Her greatest joy is helping her students find what she calls "The Trick in the Trick"(tm). With performances at Risque Living Dead Girl, Pole Noir and Unleashed, Sonia decided to enter a competition to showcase her years of hard work and creativeness. She won first place in the FabPole division at the 2016 North American Pole Dance Championships. Not only did she win her first major title, she was also the winner for the first debut of FabPole in a Pole championship. Come join Sonia as she encourages you to find your creativeness and tell your story through the art of Pole.

I believe there is always "A Trick in the Trick™" you just need to find it. Everyone's body is different on how they learn, this is why I love to help students figure that out. Come see me and learn the Life Of A Pole Trick™.

Yayo - Instructor

elevatED - Pole Level 1
X-Pert - Pole Level 3 & 4
Aerius - Pole Spin Level 1 & 2
CPFA - Chair and Lap Dance
Spin City - Lyra/ Hoop Level 1
Spin City - Stretching and Flexibility
Boss Chick Dance - Twerk Workout
Rainbow Kids Yoga - Ages 1 and up
Adult Yoga - Ages 18++
Meditation Practitioner
EFT / TFT / EFT Engery Practitioner
Adult CPR/AED, Pediatric CPR and First Aid (10/20/2019-2021)

1st place: 2016 North American Pole Dance Championships (FabPole) - Watch her winning performance!

Flight Fitness Showcase - 2016
Risque Living Dead Girl - 2015
Pole Noir - 2015
Unleashed - 2015