LPT News... Thank you ladies for coming out to #PurePolesStudio for our PoleSilks Workshop!
Sexy • Confident • Empowering
  • Lyra, Hoop, PST, TRX
    New Innovative Fitness Classes!!!

    New aerial Lyra and PST conditioning classes just added! We are the 1st to offer PST in IL!!

  • Fabpole, PoleSilks, Aerial Pole
    Congrats to our instructor #Yayo!!!

    Yayo placed 1st place for #FabPole divison in the 2016 North American Pole Dance Championship.
    Watch her winning performance!

  • PoleSilks, Aerial Pole, Silks with Pole
    Aerial Pole - Silks With Pole (PoleSilks / FabPole)

    Combining Silks with Pole into pole dance and tricks. Also known as PoleSilks or FabPole.

  • Pole Tricks, Silks with Pole Tricks, Partner Tricks, Pole Privates
    Pole Tricks

    Mastering the pole is hard work. You'll learn how to refine those moves.

  • Pole Dance, Pole Dancing, Twerk, Bollywood
    Silks with Pole and Pole Dance

    Fluid body movements to give you strength and self-confidence.

Welcome to the Life of a Pole Trick - Innovative Fitness!
Pole • Aerial • Dance

1st Chicago Pole Dance Fittness Studio to be "CERTIFIED" and offer Silks With Pole (PoleSilks/ FabPole) classes.
We offer Pole Dance, Conditioning and Aerial Innovative Fitness.

One-on-one Pole classes all the time!! A women only fitness studio!
With our classes you will get our full attention and you'll really get your money worth! Only 3 students max per class. Come #GetStrong with #LOAPT!

Class Info

Pole Privates PRIVATES

Do you feel you need extra time to understand those pole tricks? Purchase a #MasterMyPole private classes or learn more about privates. A great way to work on those tricks you couldn't get in class! We will show you the "Trick in the Trick™"

Pole Dance Studio OwnersFOR STUDIO OWNERS

Are you a studio owner who would like to add a PoleSilk/ FabPole workshop for your students? Learn more on how we can work together.

At LOAPT, we offer classes in silks with pole movement, pole strength, and dance combinations for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
Tell Your Friends!

Don't be afarid to try! You will build strength and self-confidence. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram #LifeOfAPoleTrick.

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